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PT. Deras Express Cargo started the business in 2011 by shipping domestic cargo to all regions in Indonesia, based on Pengadegan Timur Raya No.10 Jakarta Selatan. In its journey, it turned out that there were so many opportunities for international shipping services, so in 2012 we expanded our business to import and export cargo shipping services.

Our Vision

  • To be the chosen cargo service provider supporting global trade activities
  • To be a global company in the cargo industry, with excellence in products and services.

Our Mission

  • To plan, develop and continuously improve our favilities and services and provide innovative cargo solution for all customer.
  • To provide an idean working environment and to maintain a fast, accurate, and the quality of services
  • To buid a long-term partnership with global players by focusing on quality cost savings and speed toward a world class solution

We Always
Give The Best

To fulfill cargo shipping services properly, we develop and improve human resources and expand the business network so that we can achieve a good level of service quality in terms of handling, time or control of the goods sent.
With increased service and quality so as to create quality,PT. Deras Express Cargo can be a real business partner, anytime and anywhere.

Our Partners Spread Around the World


PT Deras Express Cargo has been registered and certified by the FNC Group and Freighnet, the leading companies in the field of export and import cargo services in the world today.

In addition, we are also a member of ALFI (Indonesian Logistics and Forwarder Association) which has experience since 1989 and oversaw many national and international companies in the process of domestic and foreign logistics.